January Archive

Page Manager Updated

We've updated the Manage Pages panel this month to make accessing and managing your pages easier. The page manager looks different but still provides the same functionality.

Here are the key differences you need to know when using the page manager:

1. Page Properties can now be found beside each page in the panel.

Remember, Page Properties is where you change your website page name, title and SEO settings.

2. Creating a sub-page or secondary page is easy and now more responsive.

Here's How:

Simply drag the page name over the parent page – when you see the carat to the left of the parent, drop the page.

The sub-page is now created. This page is now shown as a sub-page on your website navigation.

To move the sub-page back to a main page:

Simply drag the sub-page back over to the left most side of the manage pages panel as shown.

The sub-page is now a main page on your navigation.

Remember, the page manager gives you access all of the pages of your website. For detailed steps on using the panel visit the online interactive help guide.

Main Menu Icon Updated

The Menu has been updated to help you know where you are at any given time. Click the Icon beside Site Builder to access the Home or dashboard. Here you can create a new website, access support resources, secure forms and Google webmaster tools.

More Menu Updates

Icons have been added to the top menu in the website builder to support lower resolution monitors. This makes sure you can see important items like Preview, Publish and Help even when shrinking your browser window.

New Video

We've added a new video to help you get started building your website. You'll find it on the support page.

Check it out by clicking Site Builder then Home. From the home page click Support.

Did You Know?

You can use any of our professional designs and make them your own. By replacing the copy, images and font styles, you can transform our design into yours.

Need Help?

You can find all the great help resources available, including live support phone numbers from our Support page. Click Menu and then the Support button inside the builder. See our online interactive help guide and use the search bar or left menu for comprehensive help.